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'Inside I'

by Michael Haverty and Erwin Maas

Year of production: 2016

Running Time: 1:15 min

5 performers

2 technicians

A theatrical production following a young man on the autistic spectrum from birth to age 18, and his obsession with and escape into the world of cinema. Live-feed wireless cameras implanted in bunraku-style puppets, edited/altered in real-time and projected onto multiple screens and moving monitors onstage, enable the audience to experience the character’s perspective, giving voice and image to the spectrum’s unheard/unseen effects on function, psychology, and perception. Named 'Best play to use alternative mediums' in 2016's 'Best of Atlanta'.

'The Colour of Her Dreams'

by Michael Haverty

Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 1:30 min

4 performers

1 technician

'The Colour of Her Dreams' explores Haverty's mother, outsider artist Keturah Curbow, and her obsessive illustration of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’ books as a means to heal and gain solace amid her struggle with bipolar disorder. 'Colour' uses toy theater, rod and body puppets, object theatre, dance, masked actors, animation, and an original score for stringed instruments and electronic sound loops. While loosely following ‘Alice’s literary progression, the structure is interrupted and reordered by episodes in Keturah’s life, seen through the prism of bipolar cognition and the symbology of dreams – examining the mind as both impediment to and medium for catharsis.

'L'Etranger / The Stranger'

adapted from the novel by Albert Camus

by Michael Haverty

Year of production: 2020

Running Time: 1:15 min

2 performers

1 technician

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