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Congratulations to Charity Irby, the very first participant in our Vital creative development program! 
Charity is an Atlanta-based director, actor, writer and producer.
Her current project is ‘Static’, a short film which includes animation.
‘It is a very personal piece about anxiety and how the things you experience as a
child manifest in your adulthood. It is also about how black parents have a huge
influence on the conversation about mental health in my community.’
Charity received $1000 and is taking online workshops with TOG
associate artists for the next few months.
‘I want to write, produce and direct film and theatre for people who have been overlooked for so long. Long term I want my own production company, one that allows dreaming queer black people to get the experience and education they need without being told to wait. That’s what I’m passionate about.’

An original, multimedia adaptation and critical investigation of Albert Camus’ classic novel ‘L’Etranger’, or ‘The Stranger’, told with a combination of Punch and Judy-style hand puppets and noir/new-wave inspired cinema animation. This brutally comedic tale set during the colonial occupation of Algeria by France creates a timeless conversation about cultural alienation, the brutal lack of empathy in white society, and the devastating effects of oppression on society and the soul.  

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