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Adventurous Puppet theatre and film

Pinocchio LIVE opens March 3rd!

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Tickets here:

A rambunctious tale newly resonant for a naughty society!



In Carlo Collodi’s original storybook, Pinocchio's natural curiosity is presented as an obstacle to overcome in a journey to obeying society's rules. For many, the story of Pinocchio imparts lessons about knowing right from wrong, resisting temptation, and the price you pay if you give in to foolish desires. In our retelling, however, society is itself corrupt, and humanness a form of oppression. Through his struggle between wood and human flesh, Pinocchio tries on human nature, with its vagaries of greed, repression, ignorance, and the terror of living under the authority of corrupt adults. We have reimagined ‘Pinocchio’ as a blend of puppets and performers, with the intention that by revisiting this classic story now, essential themes of human nature and rebellion will reveal themselves anew. 




An original, multimedia adaptation and critical investigation of Albert Camus’ classic novel ‘L’Etranger’, or ‘The Stranger’, told with a combination of Punch and Judy-style hand puppets and noir/new-wave inspired cinema animation. This brutally comedic tale set during the colonial occupation of Algeria by France creates a timeless conversation about cultural alienation, the brutal lack of empathy in white society, and the devastating effects of oppression on society and the soul.  

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