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Adventurous Puppet theatre and film

Interested to learn puppetry manipulation skills from experts in the field? Join The Object Group in collaboration with The Center for Puppetry Arts as we present a weekend of masterclass workshops in puppetry for performers of color June 22-23, 2024. Instructors include Sesame Street puppeteer Chris Thomas Hayes and veteran puppeteer Luis R. Hernandez. Space is limited! To apply for this program, send your artistic/performance resume along with a statement of your interest in puppetry to by May 31st. Vital is made free for participants thanks to support from the Bright Wings Foundation.

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An original, multimedia adaptation and critical investigation of Albert Camus’ classic novel ‘L’Etranger’, or ‘The Stranger’, told with a combination of Punch and Judy-style hand puppets and noir/new-wave inspired cinema animation. This brutally comedic tale set during the colonial occupation of Algeria by France creates a timeless conversation about cultural alienation, the brutal lack of empathy in white society, and the devastating effects of oppression on society and the soul.  

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